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1. Does it teach science?
Science is not thought but understood. Understanding is the root system for any progressive knowledge. Thoughts are more volatile and many a times work on the permutation and combination. We along with the learner’s reach out to understand science.

2. What are the areas of presentation?
Science with its back end being pure science and front end being applied science has its own balancing act to do. At Garuda the backend pure structural format of science is dealt with. Any living organism is a subset of pure science-Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics.

3. Is the subject’s learners’ age specific?
Aging is a process in time and learning is independent of this parameter-the time. Does one have to wait for any time to know ones relation with the world of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics? Ones very existence is dependent on these petals of science.

4. Can all schools in all countries adapt the text?
Science is unique and universal. The principles of science is the most melodious compositions beautiful to understand and truly universal.

5. Is this program teacher assisted?
Learning of science is not worthy without a teacher and a student. Many students learn form teacher and many teachers understand from students. Here an attempt is made to have a teacher and a student in every learner.

6. Will it form a part of their curriculum of be away from it?
Curriculum is an imaginary line drawn for knowledge. The ability to understand with an adaptable mindset is what makes the line of curriculum thick or thin. Here attempt is made to have a overall truth of science presented for both types of lines.

7. With what objective is this program designed?
The objective of this program is to ask scientific questions inward and explore the answer outward. The many truth of science is sculptured in the code of DNA. Every scientific question asked inward has amazing answers outward.

8. Is their provision for clarifying scientific doubts online?
Yes a team of supportive scientific knowledge seekers are awaiting to receive you online and participate in every quest for seeking the truth.

9. Does it substitute teachers?
No one can substitute a student; similarly no one can substitute a teacher. Here the relation of student and teacher is unified in the learner.

10. Has the Laboratory practices packaged?
Yes the laboratory experiments are packaged in the text for learning by objective method. A Kilo of weight can be learnt many times but can be understood once when held.

11. Is their an evaluation mechanism for testing the learners?
The mechanism of evaluation is not to close the doors and windows of the mind of a learner, but to bring in corrective and effective controls to set the learning in a progressive path. The Q Bank (Question bank) is constructed from the very many questions and doubts posed by the learners over the period of time.

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