Introduction to Bacteria

Plant kingdom range from microscopic bacteria to the large flower bearing plants. Bacteria are the plural and Bacterium is singular term for bacteria.
Bacteria are unicellular microbes.
They are found in water, air, soil in plants and in animals and birds.
Bacteria were first discovered in 1675 by the Dutch man Anton Van Leeuwenhoek.
Louis and Koch proved the ineffective nature of bacteria.
The term Bacterium was first used by Ehrenberg in 1829.
The study of bacteria is known as Bacteriology.
Bacteria are classified under the kingdom prokaryota.
There are bacteria which are good and those which are bad.
They help in both building up and breaking down activities.

There are three shapes in bacteria.
    Round shapes-called cooci
    Rod shaped – called bacilli and
    Spiral shaped – called spirilla.
Bacteria also cause diseases like anthrax, e-coil, tuberculosis and pneumonia.