Morphology of Angiosperm

The study of the forms and structures of living organisms is morphology
All living creatures exist with a form and structure
Morphology helps in identifying and classifying these organisms
The study of morphology opens door to the genetic analysis
Plant breeding, crop production and genetic engineering depends more on morphology
Angiosperms are those plants which bear flowers
The seeds of these plants are enclosed in fruit.
There are over 2.5 lakh species of flowering plants
Morphology plays a big role in identifying this huge species variety
Any of these plants has a long fundamental axis
One part of the axis is underground called the root system
The other part is above the ground called the shoot system
The root system has the root formation
The shoot system has stem, branches and leaves
The root and shoot system are the structural and functional part of a plant
The reproductive system of a plant is in its flower
The flower turns to fruit and in it are the seeds.